Chapter 4 -- The Warning

         A Hobgoblin lay unconscious, half in and half out of the storage chamber where the wooden boxes were piled.  One of the boxes had fallen on the ugly little creature and pinned him under it.  Blood was on the corner of the box and was also seeping from the head of the goblin.  While Hermione levitated the box off of him, Ginny felt for a pulse.  From a side pocket in her apron she pulled a small pouch and quickly took a leaf and some powder from it.  As she crumbled the leaf she spit into the powder and rolled the mixture together in her hands, waiting for it to become warm and the blue sparkles to turn white.  Ginny applied the concoction to the wound and watched anxiously as the bleeding stopped.

         MORE TO COME....
Madame Poppy Pomfrey - The matron in charge of the hospital wing at Hogwarts.

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