The Band of Pirates

              (With Emily and David)

David rolled over in his bed and pulled the covers from his head, awakened by the sound of raindrops hitting the window.  It was still early and Emily was asleep across the room, but he knew she would be up soon.  The attic room where they slept had a great window which provided a wonderful view of both the garden and the pond which was at the lower end of it.  The garden was a place of adventure for him and his sister.  He watched quietly as two small sparrows hopped from one tree branch to another just outside the large window, probably looking for the best spot to avoid the rain.  He and Emily might not be able to join the pirate band today, because of the weather.  As he pulled the covers higher, David enjoyed the smells of breakfast wafting from the kitchen below, and knew that both Mummy and Daddy were down there, having their morning tea. 

"Daddy, were you ever a pirate?"  David looked expectedly at his father as both Emily and Mummy also watched him.  Both David and Emily looked eagerly at their father, as he carefully put down his napkin and considered the question.  "No, but when I was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy we once chased a smuggler's cutter.  It was off the coast of Penzance and the weather was about as bad as it is now."  With a smile he continued, "Why do you ask, David?  Are there pirates on our garden pond?"

"Yes Sir!" "No Sir!" Both answers came at the same time, followed by much giggling as Emily and David answered at the same time.  Emily put a finger on David's lip, and said, "Both Father... we are friends with the good pirates, but there are some others who are not nice."

------------------------------------------------------- r.w. ------------------------------------------------------

by Roy Wilson