The Dark Attic!

              (With Emily and David)

"R a b b i t !       Rabbit!       Rabbit!

Mummy!  if you say, 'rabbit, rabbit, rabbit' on the first day of the month, before you say anything at all, you will have good luck for the rest of the month, and you will often get a present, too!

Oh, Mummy, you have to say it even before you say your morning prayers!

David's right Mummy, I remembered to do it last month and Aunt Geraldine brought me a pretty new apron, for no reason at all.

I wish it wasn't raining.  I suppose Desmond and Demora like it, but we have to be quiet in the house.  It's so much more fun when we can make noise, play tag or dance with our friends and cousins.  I don't know how the fairies enjoy the rain, but it would seem to be a bit dreary when the garden you live in is so wet!  I'm sure the Water Queen just loves it, though. 

We have done just as you suggested, Mummy, and found some really good picture books in the library.  This morning we lay on the floor in front of the fireplace in there, and visited far away cities until you called us for breakfast.  Some of the best pictures are from museums in places like Calcutta, or pictures of the pyramids in Egypt.  we don't have camels here, in England, do we?  At least, I've never seen one.  There was the most wonderful picture of a king's hat...made from gold!  Oh, that's a crown, isn't it?

After breakfast we returned to the library, but David stopped by the hall closet to pick up his ball.  We know we are not supposed to throw it while in the house, but we thought we would roll it across the floor to one another.  Once it rolled right in front of Mr. Thompkins, who was sleeping on the hearth, and he batted it way.  Cats seem to sleep in the oddest positions.  The second time the ball awakened him, he rose and stretched, and then went to the open door, the one going to Daddy's study.  He disappeared inside.  Bailey found us and plopped down in the same place where Mr. Tompkins had been napping.


------------------------------------------------------- r.w. ------------------------------------------------------

by Roy Wilson